Pros and Cons: Home Equity Lines Of Credit

Pros and Cons: Home Equity Lines Of Credit

Home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, can be a decent decision for homeowners who require additional cash to influence home repairs or improvements, to pay off medical bills, back a youngster’s education or meet other major budgetary needs.

In any case, similar to some other kind of loan that is secured by your home, a HELOC shouldn’t be attempted delicately. Inability to reimburse as indicated by the loan terms could hurt your credit score and result in the loss of your home through foreclosure.


Home equity lines offer numerous advantages. They’re generally easy to open in the event that you have a lot of equity in your home. (Equity is equivalent to the current value of the home minus the total outstanding mortgage balances.) The interest rate additionally might be lower than the rate on a moment mortgage, and you’ll pay interest just on the sums you really acquire at various circumstances. The end costs might be more affordable also.


Home equity lines likewise have many disadvantages. The interest rate is generally variable, so the payments can be unpredictable and may rise. You additionally may need to pay an annual fee just to keep the HELOC open, regardless of whether you don’t utilize any of the money.

Maybe the greatest drawback is that if your home declines in value, you could wind up owing more on your first mortgage and HELOC joined than your home is worth. This circumstance, alluded to as being “upside down” or “underwater,” means you won’t have the capacity to refinance your mortgage or offer your home without incredible trouble.

Problems With Identity Theft

Homeowners who have a great deal of equity additionally should look out for another sort of extortion in which criminals utilize the homeowner’s close to home budgetary data to open up a HELOC or mislead a current HELOC and empty the equity from the home.

Home equity lines can be helpful monetary tools, however it’s critical not to treat your home like a piggy bank or automated teller machine.

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